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Keep Cool in Your Car This Summer!

This extreme heat, in combination with high levels of humidity, makes being in a car without a properly functioning air conditioner quite uncomfortable. While driving with the windows open may provide some relief, this is not usually a preferred way for commuters to keep their cool when they are driving in the Sunshine State.

Don’t Let a Broken Auto Air Conditioner Make You Sweat!

If you have recently noticed that the performance of the air conditioning in your vehicle isn't working as well as it should, the sooner that you have the issue looked at and addressed, the better! The last thing anyone wants to do is get stuck in rush hour traffic without the comfort of AC to keep them and others in the car comfortable while waiting for the traffic situation to clear up.

By being proactive and taking your vehicle in to have the air conditioning unit looked at and serviced, it helps assure that you never have to be “that guy” who is stuck in traffic losing his cool in more ways than one!

Not only does a malfunctioning vehicle air conditioning unit make commuting uncomfortable, excessive heat can pose serious health risks. According to a test recently conducted by a Sarasota police officer, the temperatures inside of a car (with the windows rolled up) can easily exceed 100 degrees in Florida.

This type of extreme heat can cause heat strokes, dizziness, confusion, and, in some cases, death. It was also discovered that even when the temperatures outside were in the 60-degree range, the interior of automobiles could reach dangerously high levels.

Simply put, any time you are forced to sit in a car, an air conditioning system that works correctly helps prevent serious injury or death. While leaving the windows open may provide a very low level of relief, this is really nothing when compared to the cooling powers of a properly functioning vehicle air conditioner.

A trained technician will do a comprehensive inspection of the air conditioning unit in your vehicle and will troubleshoot the problem to get your AC working like new again.

Common Air Conditioning Problems in Vehicles

There are a number of different problems that could cause your vehicle air conditioner to lose efficiency. One potential issue is a leak in the system. A leak causes your car to lose Freon, which prevents air in the system from being cooled properly. In most cases, a leak is something that can be repaired relatively quickly and inexpensively.

Another culprit could be compressor problems. Compressor problems can arise as a result of leaks in the air conditioning system or because of faulty equipment. Since the compressor is one of the key components to keeping your car or truck adequately cooled, this is a repair that you do not want to wait on for long.

Probably the biggest reason that most cars lose their cooling powers is because the Freon needs to be recharged. This is considered to be part of the regular maintenance of a car, and it helps keep the air running at optimal levels whenever you drive your car.

Older cars are also more likely to have issues with their air conditioning systems, for any number of reasons. This is especially the case for cars that have not had their air conditioning system properly maintained over the years. Depending on the car, owners may need to replace or replenish the refrigerant that is used to keep the cold air coming.

Work with Vehicle Air Conditioning Experts in Florida

With the hot spring and summer season approaching fast, right now is a great time to have your vehicle and your air conditioning system thoroughly inspected by a car care professional at Mavis Discount Tire. Their friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff will take the time to properly diagnose any issues you are experiencing with your car so you can get back on the road without delay.

In addition to offering air conditioning repair on foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and vans, they offer tire repair and replacement services, brake services, engine diagnostics, preventative maintenance services, steering and suspension repairs, wheel alignments, new batteries, and many other products and services that keep your car running at peak levels all year long.

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