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Oil Change

Regular oil changes are important for many reasons. Vehicle owners who prioritize auto repairs and commit to routine oil changes not only help keep their engines in great shape, but can also reduce emissions and be a step ahead when it comes to identifying other issues. 

At Mavis, we offer full service auto care. When you bring in your vehicle for an oil change and a new oil filter, we can also inspect your air filter, check coolant levels, and check for any  leaks. Monitoring for issues is the first step at prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle.

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Oil Change Service

Signs That it’s Time to Change Your Oil

There are many ways to tell if it’s time for an oil and filter change:

  • Your dashboard chimes with the check engine or low oil light

  • You've driven more than 3,000 to 5,000 miles between oil changes (check your vehicle owner's manual for recommendations based on your vehicle)

  • You smell burning oil, see blue smoke from your exhaust, or white smoke coming from your engine hood

  • Oil spots are visible beneath your parked car (this can indicate a possible leak)

  • You hear grinding or tapping “metal on metal” sounds under the hood

  • The oil dipstick displays a measurement below the recommended level, or shows that the oil is dirty or contaminated

Oil change service
Why is it Important to Change Your Oil?

Simple, routine upkeep is critical. Scheduling regular oil changes helps to ensure that your vehicle is getting regular service between inspections. 

Properly maintained engines that run new oil are more likely to last longer and run more efficiently. 

Changing the oil is also paramount to engine lubrication. Well-flowing oil ensures that an engine properly cools while low oil and burning oil leads to engine damage and, worse, car fires.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Our technicians recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles, or every three months. Modern cars using synthetic oils can be driven about 5,000 miles before changing the oil. Newer cars can often go longer between oil changes than older models, but the type of motor oil used can make a difference, too. 

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

If you wait too long between oil changes, the oil will turn from being light and transparent to a dark, black-brown sludge. The viscosity of the oil affects lubrication and decreases heat absorption, and its buildup makes it likely that you’ll experience bigger issues over time.

Get Your Oil Changed at a Mavis Near You

Get your car the oil change service it deserves. With more than 50 years of oil change experience, the expert oil change technicians at Mavis Discount Tire perform hundreds of oil changes daily using premium brands. 

You can schedule an appointment and check for great deals online, or by calling us at 1-877-684-7365.

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