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Fleet maintenance is a crucial part of an organized fleet management program, with the goal of keeping your vehicles on the road with less downtime. To accomplish this challenging task, business owners need to execute a solid preventative maintenance plan. 

Today, fleet management software and advanced telematics help fleet managers ensure that their vehicles are always properly maintained, but executing a preventative maintenance plan can be a challenge without service providers that are properly equipped for the job.

Mavis Tires and Brakes technicians are equipped to handle your fleet maintenance needs and perform any necessary work orders so you can keep your fleet on the road and not in the shop. 

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Services That Keep Your Fleet Running

Mavis offers a wide range of vehicle maintenance services. Our services are designed to help you maintain your fleet, reduce operational costs on necessities like fuel and tires as well as reduce the likelihood of high repair costs when it comes time for passing Department of Transportation inspections. 

In addition to our wide range of fleet and maintenance services, Mavis is also one of the country's leading discount tire companies. We can reduce your overall spend on tires, which are one of the most important and commonly neglected maintenance items. 

Mavis is proud to offer the following cost-effective fleet maintenance services that are designed to work with your vehicle maintenance schedules: 

Fleet inspections

Stay in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations by getting your fleet inspected for safety and emissions compliance. We’ll work with your fleet management team to ensure all scheduled inspections are done on time and address any repairs that need to be completed. 

Tire installation & repair

Part of keeping your fleet on the road  is ensuring that tires are in peak condition. Worn-out tires can lead to higher fuel costs, safety concerns, and downtime. Mavis is a leading retailer of discount tires and can help you with everything from installing tires to repair and more. 

Tire rotation

A crucial element to maximizing the life of commercial tires is maintaining a regular tire rotation schedule. Regularly rotating tires allows all tires to wear evenly, and ensures that tire pressure is properly adjusted for your vehicle. 

Wheel alignments

As commercial vehicles go through the rigors of daily operations, they can fall out of alignment. Once this happens, tire wear and fuel consumption will be accelerated and your overall costs will go up. Mavis offers alignment services to ensure this will never become an issue.

Shocks, struts, & suspension

Commercial vehicles use heavy-duty shocks, struts, and suspension components to maintain load control when traveling on busy roadways. Once these components wear out, they can have an effect on vehicle performance and on the life of the tires. The fleet maintenance experts at Mavis can help you find and install the right components for your commercial fleet vehicle. 

Mufflers & exhaust

Beyond the environmental ramifications of a malfunctioning muffler or exhaust system, fleet vehicles with malfunctioning emissions will not pass required annual inspections. Mavis can perform these inspections and also replace necessary components to ensure cleared inspections.

Oil change

Much like a standard vehicle, fleet performance and longevity is enhanced by regular maintenance like oil changes. Mavis can help get this crucial service done quickly and efficiently. 

Car battery replacement

Over time, the demands of a commercial vehicle can wreak havoc on its battery. Mavis offers battery testing and battery replacement to reduce the likelihood that your vehicle is ever stuck on the road. 


Properly functioning brakes can have a major impact on fleet performance. Once brakes wear down, not only is the safety of the vehicle compromised, but worn pads or shoes can damage other components in the braking system like the drum or rotor. Mavis’s team of technicians can help with brake inspections, and perform any necessary repairs. 

Schedule Fleet Inspection or Maintenance with Mavis

Maintaining a fleet is no easy task, but the experts at Mavis are here to help. We make it easy to schedule an appointment and get your vehicle in for work, even on the same day. Give us a call at 1-877- 684-7365 to learn more.

With locations around the United States, you’ll find Mavis where the work is. We’re proud to be a leading supplier of fleet maintenance services for some of the best businesses in the industry. 

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