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Cooper Zeon LTZ A/T Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 20 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 20 customer reviews
overall8.8 hydroplaning resistance8.9
buy again93% cornering stability8.6
dry traction9.1 steering responsiveness9.0
wet traction8.9 ride comfort9.0
light snow traction9.0 noise level8.3
deep snow traction9.3 treadwear8.3
ice traction7.6 miles reported93,300
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire offers Cooper Zeon LTZ A/T tires in 14 popular sizes. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Toyota Tundra, followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Lr4, Jeep Wrangler and Gmc Sierra 1500. 18 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. The average mileage when putting on the new tires was 103,599, and Winter was the most common time of year to purchase.

Cooper Zeon LTZ A/T - All Season On/Off -Road All-Terrain tire
  • Dependable traction in all-weather conditions
  • Improved soft-surface traction
  • Additional rubber in sidewalls to help protect rims
  • All-terrain design features a combination of sweeping lateral grooves and functionally patterened tread elements to provide dependable all-terrain performance. The optimized pitch sequence helps provide even treadwear and reduced tread related noise.
  • Shoulder lugs are alternately scalloped and offset for improved traction on soft surfaces like mud and sand.
  • Long 'Two Z' element siping help provide for long, dependable traction in all-weather conditions while balancing tread element stiffness for tread wear and handling.
  • Lug tie-in zones incorporate raised, serrated 'lug-locks' between the tread block elements to reinforce the tread pattern for enhanced steering and traction.
  • A rubber rim protector (select sizes) extends beyond the rim flange and decreases the chance of rim damage that can occur if a tire / wheel assembly scuffs a curb.
  • Tapered tread feature puts deep tread in the center and slightly shallower tread in the shoulders to improve wear and wet handling while reducing weight.
  • The high modulus rubber compound above the bead minimizes sidewall flex in cornering resulting in crisp handling.
  • The molds used to manufacture the Cooper Zeon LTZ incorporate special venting technology in the tread area to provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance.
  • M+S Rated
Size Sidewall Speed
 255/55HR19  BK H 111H SL 500 A
 LT265/70R17  OWL R E E 0
 LT265/75R16  OWL R E E 0
 275/45R20 XL  BK S 110S XL 520 A B
 275/55R20  BK S 117S SL 520 B
 275/60R20  BK S 119S SL 520 B
 LT275/65R20  BK R E 520 B
 LT275/70R18  OWL R E E 0
 285/50R20  BK S 116S SL 520 B
 285/60R18  BK S 120S SL 520 B
 LT285/70R17  BK R E 520 B
 305/40R22  BK S 114S SL 520 B
 305/50R20  BK S 120S SL 520 B
 LT305/55R20  BK S 118/121S E 520 B