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Brakes near me in Branchburg NJ, low as $148.99, most cars

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Brakes are done and I am back on the road
- customer review for brakes for a 2018 SUBARU OUTBACK, 82094 miles

When it came time to pay my bill, and I had trouble accessing my bank account via cell phone, your staff went above and beyond, taking me to my local bank branch when my service was completed. Also, I like that I'm told of potential problems but, unlike other places I've been, I don't feel like I'm being pressured to add more work to my order. I appreciate that so much and it's one of the reasons I keep coming back.
- customer review for brakes for a 2006 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 179758 miles

Mavis Discount Tire in Branchburg is the leader in auto brake service for cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Grateful to have a service center like this one 🙌
- customer review for brakes for a 2012 FORD F-150, 189112 miles

Ash was very helpful in getting my repaired car back to me on time as promised. This location was short staffed and Ash took it upon himself to get the vehicle repaired on time. He is very enthusiastic about the business and customer satisfaction
- customer review for brakes for a 2015 MERCEDES-BENZ ML350, 133491 miles

If you are looking for brakes, Mavis pricing can't be beat. With our large inventory of brake parts we have a brake service to fit your vehicle's needs; including brake pads, rotors and calipers. We are your brake shop.

Shout out to all the staff and maintenance guys, you guys are awesome! Pls continue serving the community despite the Pandemic, be safe always!
- customer review for brakes for a 2010 TOYOTA TUNDRA, 259225 miles

Joe gave great customer service
- customer review for brakes for a 2005 JEEP LIBERTY

Common symptoms or signs your brakes should be inspected:

  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake pedal pulsates
  • Steering wheel or vehicle shakes when braking
  • Brake light or service message appearing on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal pressure is light or none at all
  • Squeaking, Grinding or Squealing when depressing the brake pedal

If your vehicle is having these symptoms or your brakes just don't feel right, bring your vehicle for the Mavis Free Brake Check.

Additional comments for Brakes in Branchburg NJ:

- brakes for a 1996 GMC SONOMA, 188669 miles

Joe was thorough and extremely helpful! I will definitely recommend my family to come here!
- brakes for a 2019 BMW X1, 29035 miles

The guys were really great and thorough . Thanks
- brakes for a 2008 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500, 297369 miles

Humble and capable crew at this location.
- brakes for a 2007 DODGE NITRO, 199000 miles

Professional and friendly staff
- brakes for a 2011 LEXUS ES350, 104500 miles

Management did their best to work with the limited amount of money I had to spend on fixing my vehicle..... Thank you Raritan Mavis
- brakes for a 2009 NISSAN ARMADA, 175960 miles

Ron has always let me know what's going on with my car. Excellent communication
- brakes for a 2012 HYUNDAI SONATA, 213497 miles

Had a very quick and easy experience at this location and will definitely use again in the future.
- brakes for a 2010 FORD EDGE, 162000 miles

Elder and his crew are great. Accommodating, friendly and understanding
- brakes for a 2017 LEXUS ES350, 74209 miles

They're wonderful can't say enough nice things about them
- brakes for a 2012 NISSAN SENTRA, 92963 miles

Our service technician was very helpful and represented your company with the utmost integrity
- brakes for a 2012 BUICK REGAL, 49251 miles

So friendly and helpful!
- brakes for a 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY, 77715 miles

The service was great and everything was explained well before the work was completed.
- brakes for a 2012 FORD EXPLORER, 95829 miles

Have used their service for about 25 plus years. Always happy with service and respect they give us.