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Brakes near me in Box Hill NY, low as $148.99, most cars

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Lee and Dan were great, they explained everything. Very professional and friendly.
- customer review for brakes for a 2015 TOYOTA COROLLA, 53470 miles

Joe Costanzo and his team are the best. They always strive for excellence and meet their goal! Also Lamont at the desk, works in perfect synch with Joe and his crew. Lamont has great customer service skills and keeps this running smoothly and helps minimize the wait for me and the other customers. Always a pleasure to experience great associates at the Mavis Centereach Location! Thank you all!!!
- customer review for brakes for a 2011 FORD EXPEDITION, 142948 miles

Mavis Discount Tire in Box Hill is the leader in auto brake service for cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Manager was delightful ... knowledgeable and honest !! Super Nice !!! Sadly rare do I ever meet someone as kind and professional as he is. I will I remembered his name. Smithtown Mavis I was there on Saturday afternoon. He is the manager. He deserves a raise.
- customer review for brakes for a 2018 LEXUS RX350L, 111111 miles

Carlos did a great job!!
- customer review for brakes for a 2015 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 98000 miles

If you are looking for brakes, Mavis pricing can't be beat. With our large inventory of brake parts we have a brake service to fit your vehicle's needs; including brake pads, rotors and calipers. We are your brake shop.

Frank is amazing!
- customer review for brakes for a 2006 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT, 133000 miles

Very friendly
- customer review for brakes for a 2016 NISSAN ROGUE, 63425 miles

Common symptoms or signs your brakes should be inspected:

  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake pedal pulsates
  • Steering wheel or vehicle shakes when braking
  • Brake light or service message appearing on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal pressure is light or none at all
  • Squeaking, Grinding or Squealing when depressing the brake pedal

If your vehicle is having these symptoms or your brakes just don't feel right, bring your vehicle for the Mavis Free Brake Check.

Additional comments for Brakes in Box Hill NY:

Steve (the manager) is always a big help and one of the reasons I use Mavis.

Customer service was excellent!!

Steve-is doing a Great job.

Always pleased with this shop

Kevin Russ and guys are great

I have been and will remain a loyal Mavis customer. Always satisfied.

A great experience and very professional. .

Excellent service from Mickey and Staff. Great prices!

Manager and staff very helpful. I orginally went in to have a tire replaced due to a nail. After inspecting my car, the mechanics found that my car needed a belt replaced.I don't know anything about cars so I thought "here we go-lets " I was pleasently surprised to find that a squeek in my stearing wheel (which no other mechanic shop even addressed) was gone! Thanks!