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Brakes near me in Belleair FL, low as $148.99, most cars

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My experience was perfect! I will be back!
- customer review for brakes for a 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS

Service was excellent. THANK YOU
- customer review for brakes for a 2005 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 170141 miles

Mavis Tires & Brakes in Belleair is the leader in auto brake service for cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Tomar was great and got me everything I needed
- customer review for brakes for a 2014 FORD FLEX, 73760 miles

Amazing! Other than complimentary drinks you really can't do better than mavis. Your whole team was absolutely about the experience and quality of service. I would buy a car from Mavis!
- customer review for brakes for a 2016 TOYOTA TACOMA, 77000 miles

If you are looking for brakes, Mavis pricing can't be beat. With our large inventory of brake parts we have a brake service to fit your vehicle's needs; including brake pads, rotors and calipers. We are your brake shop.

Manager Randy was very helpful!!! Great guy
- customer review for brakes for a 2011 RAM 1500, 108497 miles

Duane, Don, and John are the best. Extremely professional and the price was below the three other places I called and they gave me a nice sized discount. Being a single gal I am always looking for the best deal and if you are looking for the same they are loved everywhere but the one on Hercules in Clearwater is by far the best. Check them out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. My name is Tegan and this is my go to place for all of my repairs!
- customer review for brakes for a 2014 FORD FUSION, 132736 miles

Common symptoms or signs your brakes should be inspected:

  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake pedal pulsates
  • Steering wheel or vehicle shakes when braking
  • Brake light or service message appearing on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal pressure is light or none at all
  • Squeaking, Grinding or Squealing when depressing the brake pedal

If your vehicle is having these symptoms or your brakes just don't feel right, bring your vehicle for the Mavis Free Brake Check.

Additional comments for Brakes in Belleair FL:

Very enjoyable experience, nice professional service team and extremely helpful and accommodating on site Manager.
- brakes for a 2017 JAGUAR F-PACE, 51210 miles

Incredible. All of my expectations were met. This shop goes above and beyond.
- brakes for a 2007 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER, 200000 miles

Timur did a great job helping us get our car ready for travel. He knew what he was talking about and took my concerns into consideration. He's very professional and friendly.
- brakes for a 2016 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY, 79572 miles

Great Staff and company. The manager and assistant manager were both great
- brakes for a 2002 CHEVROLET TAHOE

John, Avana and Don define professionalism and customer service. This Mavis location is most definitely a one stop shop for so many automotive needs. Well Done Mavis!!
- brakes for a 2005 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500, 131165 miles

John and Avana are truly amazing and professional associates of this store. I highly recommend this Mavis location for all car needs.
- brakes for a 2005 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500, 131071 miles

Whole team from the shop were awesome finished it ahead of schedule and no issues top notch
- brakes for a 2003 CHEVROLET TAHOE, 195571 miles

The staff here are amazing thank u guys
- brakes for a 2008 DODGE NITRO, 168800 miles

Will did a fantastic job from start to finish. I'll definitely choose this location to complete any future services that Mavis offers.
- brakes for a 2008 HYUNDAI VERACRUZ, 150000 miles

Fast and good prices
- brakes for a 2014 HYUNDAI SANTA FE SPORT, 100000 miles

Tomar was great! Waited after hours for me to get off work.
- brakes for a 2012 DODGE AVENGER, 168725 miles

It was a good experience and we did not feel pressured spending the amount of money that we did.
- brakes for a 2005 CHRYSLER PACIFICA, 154524 miles

Tamoor (sp?) was professional, courteous and compassionate. You need more managers like him.
- brakes for a 2008 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD, 114946 miles

The entire staff is amazing !!!
- brakes for a 2010 HONDA ACCORD, 212500 miles