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Wiper Blade Replacement

A new set of wiper blades could be the difference between a routine drive in the rain or snow and a stressful, unclear field of view from behind the wheel. A quality set of windshield wiper blades will keep your windshield clean and clear of water and debris during inclement weather and help you to see the road ahead.

Come in to Mavis for a new pair of windshield wiper blades today.

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How to know it's time for wiper blade replacement

Many windshield wiper manufacturers suggest replacing windshield wiper blades every 6-12 months. Doing this will help you maintain an unblurred field of view. One of the most common indicators that you might need new wiper blades is smearing and streaking.

If your wipers are leaving marks on your windshield or squeaking during rain showers it may be time to buy a new pair. Other common indicators include:

  • Cracks in the wiper blade's rubber or plastic

  • Blade skips and chatters across the windshield

  • Broken rubber, showing an unwiped area in wiper's path

  • Dangling rubber

How much do new wiper blades cost?

Wiper blade prices vary based on size, brand, and quality. Here at Mavis Tires & Brakes, for most cars you will be able to find a premium selection of windshield wiper blades for about $19.99-$24.99 per blade. Schedule an appointment today to have wiper blades installed by a trained professional.

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