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Car Battery

Our highly-trained technicians  have decades of experience diagnosing, repairing, and replacing car batteries. It’s one of the many reasons why you can count on us for car battery replacement and installation.

Many factors could cause your car not to start, but the car battery replacement experts at Mavis are ready to help you diagnose and service your vehicle

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Car Battery Replacement and Installation

You can get years of use out of a car battery, but it takes an expert to choose the best battery for your vehicle. Like most battery stores and service centers, we offer batteries at every price point for vehicles both big and small.

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Does Your Car Battery Need a Full Replacement?

Bring in your vehicle for free battery testing, and the experts at Mavis can check your car battery for issues and offer recommendations.

Signs your battery could be nearing its end

Here are a few common signs that your car battery is old, worn out, or needs to be serviced:

  • Your engine makes sounds, but struggles to start

  • You've had to jump start your car

  • The car battery is more than four years old

  • There’s acid corrosion around the battery

Replacing vs. Servicing

Drivers experiencing battery trouble should decide between getting the battery replaced or serviced.

If the vehicle is having occasional problems, bring it in so we can help diagnose the issue. If your vehicle won’t start and its lights won’t turn on, that’s an indication that the battery needs to be serviced or replaced.

If the vehicle starts fine one day but suddenly fails to turn on the next, our team can help check for loose or frayed cables, or other unusual electrical system behavior.

When you expect that you'll have to use cables to jump start your vehicle battery, take that as a sign. Buy a new battery before you find yourself buying towing services.

Mavis Car Battery Replacement Services

We offer a full range of auto services including:

  • Free car battery testing

  • Car battery removal

  • Battery inspection

  • Cable terminal inspection

  • Installation of a new car battery

  • Recycling your old car battery

Car Battery Replacement Costs

There are a range of battery products on the market to suit vehicles big and small. It’s important to choose the right battery. Call your local Mavis store to get an accurate estimate for your replacement car battery.

Find a New Car Battery Near You

Don't get stranded with a dead car battery! Trust the experts at your local Mavis service center. With more than 70 years of experience with car battery replacement, oil changes, full inspections and more, you can count on us.

Looking for great deals on maintenance services or free battery testing? Find a Mavis location in your area. You can schedule an appointment online, or by calling 1-877-684-7365.

Car Battery FAQ

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