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Hankook Dynapro HT RH12 Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 23 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 23 customer reviews
overall8.7 hydroplaning resistance8.5
buy again88% cornering stability8.7
dry traction9.0 steering responsiveness8.9
wet traction8.7 ride comfort8.8
light snow traction8.7 noise level8.2
deep snow traction8.5 treadwear8.7
ice traction8.1 miles reported235,350
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire offers Hankook Dynapro HT RH12 tires in 29 popular sizes. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Ford Transit-250, followed by the Nissan Frontier, Nissan Rogue, Ford Transit-150 and Ford Transit-350. 43 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. The average mileage when putting on the new tires was 85,862, and Fall was the most common time of year to purchase. This tire is original equipment for: 2022 Ford E-Transit, 2022 Ford Expedition, 2022 Ford F-150, 2022 Ford Ranger, 2022 Ford Transit-150, 2022 Ford Transit-250, 2022 Ford Transit-350, 2022 Ford Transit-350 HD, 2022 Lincoln Navigator, 2022 Nissan Frontier.

Hankook Dynapro HT RH12 - All Season Highway tire
  • High stiffness center block
  • Snow kerf
  • Button and semi solid ribs
  • 4 straight groove channels
  • Multi-depth lateral lugs
  • Unique highway all-season purpose optimized cap tread
  • Reinforced under-tread protective layer
  • High-tensile strength sidewall rubber
  • Nylon joinless reinforced belts
  • High-strength steel belts
  • Reinforced carcass and rubber gauge
  • Jointless bead wire
  • Steering response improvement.
  • Allows for improved all-season performance.
  • Button elements sized for good snow and wet traction, yet interlocking geometry maintains rib stiffness for handling
  • Ideally arranged channels provide sure-footed performance in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Provide improved performance in wet and snow conditions throughout the whole tread life.
  • LPAH(low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) environment-friendly compound. Optimized compound provides long mileage, braking performance and prevents chips, cuts and abrasions.
  • Helps prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when driving.
  • Helps to minimize damage from impacts.
  • Increases belt Performance.
  • Improves steering stability and Performance.
  • Improves hill climbing and steering stability.
  • Helps prevent bead separation.
Size Sidewall Speed
 LT185/60R15  BK T 94/92T E 0
 LT195/75R16  BK R 107105R D 700 A B
 LT205/75R16  BK R 113/111R E 0
 P205/65R15 XL  BK T 95T XL 700 B
 215/55HR16 XL  BK H 97H XL 700 B
 LT215/85R16  BK Q 115Q E 700 A B
 225/65HR17  BK H 102H SL 700 B
 225/65HR17  BK H 102H SL 380 A
 225/65R17  BK H 102H SL 380 A
 225/65HR17  BK H 102H SL 700 B
 P225/70R16  BK T 101T SL 700 A B
 P225/75R16  BK T 104T SL 700 B
 P225/75R16  BK H 104T SL 700 B
 P235/70R17 XL  BK T 108T XL 700 A B
 235/75R17  BK T 109T SL 700 B
 LT235/65R16  BK R 121119R E 700 A B
 LT235/85R16  BK Q 120Q E 0
 LT235/75R15  BK Q 104Q C 0
 P245/65R17  BK T 105T SL 700 B
 P245/70R17  BK T 108T SL 700 A B
 LT245/70R17  BK S 119/116S E 0
 245/70R16  BK T 106T SL 700 A B
 245/75R16  BK T 109T SL 700 A B
 LT245/75R16  BK R 120/116R E 0
 255/65R17  BK T 108T SL 700 B
 255/70R16  BK T 111T SL 500 A
 LT265/60R20  BK S 121/118S E 0
 265/60R18  BK T 110T SL 700 B
 P265/60R18  BK T 109T SL 700 B
 LT265/70R18  BK S 124/121S E 0
 P265/70R18  BK T 114T SL 700 B
 265/70R16  OWL T 111T B 0
 P265/70R16  BK T 111T SL 0
 P265/70R16  OWL T 111T SL 700 A B
 LT275/65R20  BK S 126/123S E 0
 LT275/65R18  BK S 123/120S E 0
 275/65R18  BK R 114R SL 700 B
 275/65HR18  BK H 116H SL 700 A
 LT275/70R18  BK S 128/125S E 0
 285/45HR22  BK H 114H SL 0
 LT285/70R17  BK S 121/118S E 0