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BFGoodrich Winter Slalom Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 8 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 8 customer reviews
overall7.6 hydroplaning resistance6.8
buy again84% cornering stability7.7
dry traction7.6 steering responsiveness7.5
wet traction8.3 ride comfort7.6
light snow traction9.0 noise level7.3
deep snow traction8.0 treadwear6.6
ice traction6.5 miles reported5,345
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire offers BFGoodrich Winter Slalom tires in 32 popular sizes. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Hyundai Elantra. 1 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. The average mileage when putting on the new tires was 52,648, and Fall was the most common time of year to purchase.

BFGoodrich Winter Slalom - Winter Snow tire
  • Regenerating tread rubber compounds for genuine winter control.
  • Winter control ready to handle icy, snowy, slushy and cold roads.
  • Full Lateral Grooves (FLG)
  • ETEC System™ (Equal Tension Containment) - available in most sizes
  • 160 feet of high-sipe density for maximum winter grip.
  • Balanced Winter Compounds
  • Diamond Cut Block Edge
  • Optimized Mold Profile
  • Extra-Long Sipe Length
  • Features micro-pores that provide grip mechanism for continued traction on ice and snow season after season.
  • Optimized sipe configuration for better block stability and enhanced cornering in any winter condition.
  • Provide depth for hydroplaning resistance and deep snow traction, which enables increased void for better evacuation and improved winter performance and wear
  • Consistent footprint and maximized tread contact area under any speed condition, which satisfies the needs of today's vehicles and provides winter driving control
  • This tread is designed with maximum biting edges to connect with any extreme winter surface.
  • A unique rubber compound mix that provides an optimized balance of winter traction without significant compromise to wet grip
  • Adds block rigidity for improved wear and handling on ice, snow, slush and wet and dry roads
  • Minimizes footprint stress in contact with the road for long tread life
  • Provides tenacious winter traction edge grip
Size Sidewall Speed
 175/65R14  BK S 82S SL 0
 185/65R15  BK S 88S SL 180 AA A
 195/55R15  BK S 85S SL 0
 195/60R15  BK S 88S SL 0
 195/65R15  BK S 91S SL 0
 205/50R16  BK S 87S SL 0
 205/55R16  BK S 91S SL 0
 205/60R16  BK S 92S SL 0
 205/65R15  BK S 94S SL 0
 205/70R15  BK S 96S SL 0
 205/75R15  BK R SL 0
 215/65R17  BK S 99S SL 0
 215/60R16  BK S 95S SL 0
 215/65R16  BK S 98S SL 0
 215/65R16  BK S 98S SL 0
 215/70R16  BK S 100S SL 0
 215/70R15  BK S 98S SL 0
 225/60R17  BK S 99S SL 0
 225/60R17  BK S 99S SL 0
 225/65R17  BK R SL 0
 225/60R16  BK S 98S SL 0
 225/70R16  BK S 103S SL 0
 225/75R15  BK R SL 0
 235/55R17  BK S 99S SL 0
 235/55R17  BK S 99S SL 0
 235/65R17 XL  BK S 108S XL 0
 235/65R17 XL  BK S 108S XL 0
 235/65R16  BK S 103S SL 0
 235/70R16  BK S 106S SL 0
 235/70R16  BK S 106S SL 0
 P235/75R15 XL  BK S 108S XL 0
 P235/75R15  BK S 108S XL 0
 245/65R17  BK S 107S SL 0
 245/70R16  BK S 107S SL 0
 245/75R16  BK R SL 0
 P245/75R16  BK S 109S SL 0
 255/70R16  BK S 111S SL 0
 265/70R17  BK S 115S SL 0
 265/70R17  BK R SL 0
 265/70R16  BK R SL 0