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What Are the Best Tires for Florida Weather?

Florida has different weather than much of the rest of the country. We see hot, humid, and wet weather, with virtually no snow or ice. So the best tires for Florida weather are different than the best tires in other places.

Don't risk your or your family's life with the wrong tires. Let's look at the best and worst tires for Florida.

The Worst Tires for Florida

The most popular tires in most states are actually the worst tires you could have in Florida.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are designed to provide OK grip in all types of weather conditions, from hot to cold to wet to icy. However, they aren't great in just ANY type of weather conditions. They give up some rain traction for snow traction and vice versa.

Since we never see snow in Florida, giving up performance in the heat and rain for a little bit of extra grip on snow and ice doesn't make sense. That makes all-season tires the worst possible option for Floridians.

Acceptable Tires for Florida

So if you shouldn't use all-season tires in Florida, which tire types are acceptable?

Passenger Tires

With their high profile, passenger tires will give you a smooth ride and a longer life than the other tires on our list. However, they don't offer the best performance, handling, or stopping power. These should only be an option if you're on a tight budget.

Touring Tires

If you like a sporty look but don't drive your vehicle very often, touring tires have a wider tread area and a lower profile than passenger tires. However, touring tires usually have an all-season tread, making them not a great option for Florida.

Performance Tires

For good traction at lower speeds, performance tires are a good option for classic cars, street trucks, vans, and other vehicles that don't spend much time at highway speeds.

High-Performance Tires

High-performance tires offer better traction at higher speeds than performance tires. They have a sleek, low-profile design with distinct lateral grooves that help prevent hydroplaning.

Ultra High-Performance Tires

Standard on super high-end performance cars, ultra-high-performance tires have the lowest profile and best control and handling, even in bad weather.

Terrain Tires

Terrain tires on trucks and SUVs have deep tread to handle mud and other nasty conditions. As long as they aren't specifically designed for off-road use only, terrain tires are a great choice for SUVs and trucks in Florida.

The Best Tires for Florida

Now that we've seen a wide variety of tire types, which are the best tires for Florida weather?

Summer Tires

Also known as performance tires, summer tires were designed specifically for hot weather and rain, making them perfect for Florida. Since we don't need snow or ice traction, summer tires are by far the best type of tire for Florida weather.

Get the Best Tires for Florida Weather at Mavis Discount Tire

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