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5 Tips for A Successful Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat events are a great way to interact with your friends and neighbors in the community. A great alternative to traditional trick-or-treating, participating in a Trunk or Treat event is the perfect way to get your family involved in the festive fun. Below are 5 tips to help you make sure your trunk is a crowd favorite!

1. Remember that Theme is key.

The most important part of decorating your trunk is making sure you pick a theme and stick to it. Sketch out how you want your display to look before you even start gathering materials and supplies for the decoration process. Make sure and check around your home for things you already have that you can use. Do your kids love a certain TV show or movie? Then you probably already have several toys or other items that you can incorporate into a theme centered around their favorite characters. The hardest part may be the background for your scene, which can be easily fixed with some spray paint and cardboard.

2. Incorporate sound and lights.

It's super easy to put together a short 20-30 minute playlist that you can play on a loop that matches both the mood and theme of your trunk. Just make sure that you charge a wireless speaker and load up your phone with the playlist the night before. It's also cheap and easy to string up a couple of colored lights to help add to the ambiance of your setup.

3. Make your display interactive.

The most popular trunks always have something for the kids to interact with. Skip the cliché classics like ring toss and the fishing game. Instead, create a chance for people to stop and take a picture at your display by incorporating props for photo opportunities. Use a fog machine to add an extra layer of eeriness to your set-up, or a bubble machine for those lighter themes.

4. Dress like you're a part of the scene.

Don't let all of your hard work go to waste! Nothing ruins the magic of an awesome display like an adult dressed in boring clothes standing in the middle of everything. For extra effect, make sure to talk to everyone in character! The kids will love it and it will only add to the theme.

5. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

There is nothing wrong with handing out the traditional candy, chocolate, and other sweets, but if you want to really make an impression, don't be afraid to get creative with things. Have a witch-themed trunk in mind? Perhaps you could decorate a bowl to look like a cauldron and use it to serve punch. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

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