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The Top 9 Road Trip Games

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned American road trip. The open air, windows down, and the sights you see as you pass through each unique state are memories you’ll keep forever. But if you have multiple passengers, especially young ones, the miles can stretch on and create a condition that everyone dreads: boredom. We put together this list of the top nine games to play on your next road trip to keep everyone happy and entertained.

1. Cows on My Side

This game is fairly simple. If a passenger sees a cow on their side of the road, they must yell “cows on my side” before their opponent, on the other side can say “Cows on your side!” Whoever notices the cows first gets a point. If you pass a cemetery, the first person to yell “Ghost cow” steals the other side’s points.

2. I Spy

Player 1 sees an object that’s in view then gives the first clue that starts with, “I spy with my little eye, something…” This prompts player 2 to ask questions about it. Player 1 can only answer “yes” or “no” to the questions. Eventually, after enough clues have been given, Player 2 will figure out what it is. This game can go on as long as everyone likes.

3. Road Trip Bingo

One of the best investments for the road can be these special bingo cards with sliding “chips” that make score keeping easy. These cards work just like traditional bingo, but instead of numbers, you’ll see common roadside sights in each block. The first person to make a straight or diagonal line wins.

4. The License Plate Game

Road trip bingo’s lesser-known cousin encourages your passengers to check off license plates they see from each state and country on their list. This can become a fierce competition that lasts one road trip or for the whole summer.

5: Would You Rather?

Each player takes turns asking someone to choose between two things they have to do, but neither situation is favorable. For example, “Would you rather sit on a porcupine or a whoopie cushion at school?” Or maybe something like, “Would you rather eat a bucket of earthworms or a bucket of crickets?” This game surely makes a lot of laughs and fun memories.

6 Fictional Families

Pick out another car where there’s a family and make a creative story about them. Why are they on the road? Where are they going? What are their names? You can create some silly stories that will get everyone in the car laughing.

7. 20 Questions

Much like I spy, instead of picking something in sight, you pick anything in the world. Then, everyone else has to ask questions about it, to which you can only answer “yes” or “no.” The trick is that they can only find out in 20 questions or else they lose!

8. Fortunately/Unfortunately

The object of this game is to make an unfortunate situation fortunate. Player one begins by saying “fortunately…” then says something fortunate. For example, “Fortunately, we’re going to McDonald’s for lunch.” Then, player 2 needs to continue the story, beginning with the word “unfortunately.” For example, “Unfortunately, that McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken.” Then the next person has to turn it into a fortunate situation. Whoever stutters or can’t think of anything in time loses.

9. Don't Say It!

This fun card game is much like Taboo but is appropriate for all ages. You’ll get a card with a word on it, and you’ll need to get your team to guess what it is without saying certain words that are listed on the card. For example, if your word is milk, you won’t be able to say “cow, white, or drink.” This makes the guessing fun and challenging!

Summer Fun Awaits You on the Open Road

Of course, you’re not going to get very far on your road trip with a car that’s running well. Mavis Discount Tire is staffed by ASE certified technicians can help in any emergency or fix problems before they happen. We’re here whenever you need trustworthy and professional TLC for your vehicle!

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