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Winter Tire Storage Tips

It's that time of year. Snow is on the way and many of us are switching to winter tires. Many of our customers are beginning to ask, ´But, what should I do with my other tires so they're ready for spring?´ Following some basic storage principles will ensure that you get the full life out of your tires.

First, store your tires in a clean, cool, dry and preferably dark place that's well ventilated. A dry basement is going to be better than a sub-freezing garage or hot attic. Basements tend to be cooler with more stable temperatures. Try to avoid storing your tires outdoors, as the sunlight can dry tires out prematurely causing cracking and aggressive aging.

Keep the tires away from any heat sources such as a furnace or water heater as they could cause damage to the tire. Store your tires on clean pieces of wood to keep them off the floor - petroleum products such as gas and oil as well as cleaning products or solvents can cause damage to the tire's rubber.

If the tires are mounted on wheels, they can be stored horizontally (stored flat) or vertically (standing upright) - just make sure to keep them properly inflated to help keep them from deforming while in storage. If the tires are not on wheels, vertical (standing upright) storage is best so the weight of the tire doesn't cause “flattening” of the sidewall that can lead to difficulties during installation in the spring.

Lastly, store your tires in opaque, airtight bags such as large lawn and garden bags - tape the bag shut to prevent moisture (or unwanted creatures) from entering. Following these few basic tips will ensure your tires will be ready to go back on your car in the spring.

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