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Tips for Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring is here! Everything is blooming, animals are in abundance, and we can all take a collective sigh of relief as we shake off the chill of winter. Now is the time when many of us go about tidying up around the house and doing a bit of spring cleaning to rid our homes of the dust, dirt, and clutter that has inevitably accumulated over the months. While you're going about your spring cleaning rituals, don't forget about your car! Be sure and make it a priority to have your vehicle checked out by a reliable mechanic as well as following some of these other spring cleaning car tips we've put together in order to extend the life of your vehicle and keep up with your regular maintenance schedule.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Mechanic

  • AC System – Nobody wants to get caught in the summer heat without air conditioning. Make sure your air conditioning system is working properly and is topped off with the appropriate coolant.
  • Tires – You can check your tire tread easily. If it looks like your tread is low, get your tires replaced ASAP to avoid any accidents. This is also a good time to have your alignment properly checked by a professional.
  • Oil Change – Oil is the lifeblood of your car and regular oil changes are an important part of maintaining your vehicle and extending the life of your engine. When you take your vehicle in for its spring inspection, go ahead and get this vital task out of the way for the season.
  • Fluids Check – From brake fluid and transmission fluid to wiper fluid and coolant, cars are reliant on a wide variety of types of fluids to ensure smooth operation. Have your mechanic check and refill any fluids that may be low.
  • Replace Wipers – With spring comes inevitable storms and surprise afternoon showers. Don't get caught in a place where your visibility is compromised because you never got around to changing those old noisy wipers that have next-to-no rubber left on them.

Spring Car Care Tips for Your Exterior

  • Regular trips to the carwash will help you clear the pollen that will inevitably build up on your vehicle's exterior, but be sure to give your car some tender loving care with a quality hand washing at the beginning of the season. Popular Mechanics has a great piece on how to wash your car like a professional to serve as a guide to get you started.
  • Make sure and pay extra attention to your tires when cleaning your exterior. Brake dust, tar, and other forms of buildup can be hard to remove from your wheels, so make sure and use a firm brush that won't scratch the metal or paint on your rims to get rid of caked-on grime.

Spring Car Care Tips for Your Interior

  • Collect and dispose of any old papers, fast-food receipts, empty drink bottles, etc. that may be spread across your vehicle's interior.
  • Clean the interior by vacuuming and shampooing every inch of the seats, carpets, and floormats.
  • Treat the dash, steering wheel, console, and other hard surfaces of the interior by wiping them down with gentle cleaning products, preferably disinfectant wipes.
  • Use an automotive glass cleaner to take care of the inside of your vehicle's windows. Be cautious if using regular brand-name cleaners, as they may contain ammonia which can potentially damage the window tinting.

Schedule Your Spring Vehicle Inspection Today!

If you're feeling inspired to go about doing some car spring cleaning of your own, then let your friends at Mavis Discount Tire help you make sure everything under the hood is in working order. We'll be happy to assist you with everything we mentioned in our mechanic checklist above, as well as offering our other services as needed. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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