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Pirelli Tire Spotlight

When buying new tires for their vehicles, most Americans don't even think about the brand name. However, high-quality tires can make a big difference in your vehicle's handling and ride. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts know that Pirelli Tires are the only ones to choose for their high-performance vehicles.

The name Pirelli has always been synonymous with luxury and quality. Find out why you should consider Pirelli Tires for your next tire purchase.

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Pirelli Tires was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, though back then it was simply a rubber company. They specialized in rubber products and rubber derivatives, and they also produced scuba rebreathers. They jumped into the tire business in 1890 by mass producing rubber tires for velocipedes, an early bicycle ancestor.

The company expanded quickly, opening their first international manufacturing plant in Spain in 1902. They still focused mostly on other rubber products, as well as electrical conductors. Pirelli was well known for producing electrical cables, until the company sold its cable division in 2005.

Pirelli truly began making a name for their tires after the 1925 Italian Grand Prix, when the winner drove a car running on Pirelli Tires. The tires continued to win races as production expanded to include more types of tires to fit every vehicle. Always looking for the next innovation, Pirelli cemented their reputation at the forefront of tire technology in the 1970s.

Lancia Racing challenged them to create a new tire that could stand up to their new, more powerful cars, and Pirelli rose to the challenge, creating the first wide radial tire. This eventually lead to the creation of the low-profile tire in 1975. Porsche immediately adopted them as the standard tire for their iconic 911 Turbo.


Pirelli has sponsored sports competitions of all types since 1907. Italians know them well as the primary sponsor for their soccer team, Inter Milan, which features the Pirelli logo prominently on their jerseys. A few years before they were acquired by a Chinese company in 2015, Pirelli became the title sponsor of China's soccer league, the Chinese Super League.

They also sponsor soccer teams in their important sales market, South America. Brazil's Palmeiras, Uruguay's Peñarol and Argentina's Vélez Sársfield all proudly wear Pirelli jerseys. Near their production facility in Staffordshire, England, you'll find Pirelli Stadium, home of the Burton Albion Football Club.

Their racing sponsorships are a real indication of the superiority of their tires. Since 2011, they have been the sole tire provider for the famous Formula One racing series. Their tires had competed in Formula One racing on and off from the early days of the sport, and drivers trust them to provide the highest quality tire available for the blazing fast speeds at which they race.

They have also been the sole tire provider for the FIM World Superbike Championship since 2007 and the British Superbike Championship since 2008. The specially tuned motorcycles that compete in these races reach speeds of over 110 mph and rely on Pirelli's superior design to carry them safely around the track.


To stay ahead of their competitors, Pirelli has debuted some amazing innovation in tire technology. Their latest advance is the Run Flat tire.

The tire is self-supporting after it is punctured, even in the event of rapid air loss or in wet conditions. This means you can continue driving safely without changing to a spare tire for 50 miles at a maximum of 50 mph. Since it is difficult to tell when a Run Flat tire has been punctured, vehicles must be equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that will alert the driver when a loss of air pressure has occurred.

Pirelli is also praised for their environmental improvements in materials and design. All Pirelli Tires are engineered with low-resistance rubber compounds that give your vehicle maximum fuel efficiency, which in turn lowers your vehicle's emissions.

These rubber compounds also use less petroleum overall. Every tire is engineered to last as long as possible, so fewer tires are needed, which means less materials usage and manufacturing waste. Pirelli is committed to providing the highest quality product with the least environmental impact.

Final Thoughts

With a long, prestigious history behind it, Pirelli Tire continues to bring innovation and excellence to the tire world. Whether you are driving a high-performance sports car or just appreciate a luxury ride, Pirelli should be at the top of your list for your next tire purchase. Contact your local tire retailer to find out which Pirelli Tire will be best for your vehicle!

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