Help! My Car is Overheating: The Step By Step Guide

Summer means that there are going to be some hot days (and thunderstorms to boot)! Though you’ll have plenty of fun during the summer months, your car can experience some problems. Sometimes sneaky issues like low coolant levels can cause your temperature gauge to light up. When this happens, heed the warning! And always keep Mavis top of mind as the place to bring your vehicle as you prepare for summer travel. Here are five things you should do when your car is overheating that can keep you safe until you can get it into the shop.

LC Image - Help! My Car is Overheating: The Step By Step Guide

1. Turn Off the AC

Did you know that the energy used to make your car’s interior cool actually makes the engine hotter? Turn off your AC as soon as the overheating starts. This is the first step you should take to cool down your car while you’re still on the road.

2. Turn On the Heat

Turning on the heat may sound like a miserable thing to do, but trust us. Turning on the heat will let some of the excess heat get out of your car until you can get off the road. Call it some immediate (and uncomfortable) damage control.

3. Pull Over

Whenever your car isn’t functioning normally, you need to get off the road. Now that you’ve turned off the AC and are running the heat, you need to pull over and do some more troubleshooting.

4. Get Help

It’s crucial that you always keep in mind that these are quick fixes if you find your car overheating while you’re on the road. There’s a good chance that this could be an indicator of a much larger problem with your coolant flow or something else. If you notice your car’s temperature gauge getting into the red, you should contact your local [[mavis_tire]] as soon as possible. We will be able to find out why your vehicle is overheating.

Is Your Car Overheating?

Mavis Tires and Brakes is here whenever you need trustworthy and professional love and care for your vehicle. We can fix your overheating issue and get you confidently on the road again. Visit your local Mavis to schedule an appointment with our friendly auto technicians to make sure your car won’t overheat this summer.