Get the Most Out of Your Car Battery

Is there anything worse than turning your key in the ignition of your car, only to hear the empty sound of a dead battery? Your car's battery gives the vehicle life force. Many times, though, car owners give little thought to the battery. That is, until the heart-sinking moment when you attempt to start a dead car.

When you're on your way to work, school, or an important event, a dead battery can ruin your day. While you might think it's one of those things you can't control, we're here to tell you that's just not true!

While batteries don't last forever, it doesn't mean there aren't ways to get the most of your battery and keep it going longer. A simple way to avoid breakdowns is to learn how to identify warning signs that you need a new battery.

Along with paying attention to the warning signs, there are also certain precautions you can take in order to extend your battery life. When you take care of your car battery, it will provide you with a charge for around 4 years.

Mavis Tires and Brakes wants you to spend more time on the road, rather than experiencing repairs and breakdowns. That's why we are bringing you expert tips on how to determine if you need a new battery and how to maintain the one you do have.

LC Article - Get the Most Out of Your Car Battery

Get the Most Out of Your Battery Life

The average car's battery lasts about four years. However, there are certain factors that can decrease and increase its lifespan. Below, you'll find a list of upkeep strategies that you can take in order to get the most out of your battery.

Unplug when the vehicle is not in use.

Before turning the vehicle off, be sure to unplug all electronics. While you're at it, make a habit of turning off the radio and the AC. This will help you preserve your battery for the long run. While these are small habits, keeping them “on” when the car isn't running will dramatically shorten your battery's life.

Perform simple maintenance.

Whether you decide to do this yourself or you ask your local Mavis Tires and Brakes technician when you get your vehicle serviced, regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your battery. Make sure that it is clean, and that there are no loose parts that vibrate or move. 

Check the climate specifications.

There are many types of batteries that come with specifications regarding the weather. Look for the minimum temperature at which the battery will start without much trouble. If you live in a cold climate, look for a battery that will be able to handle the cold. If it cannot, it will use more power to start and, therefore, it won't last as long.

If you live in a warm climate, that doesn't mean you're safe from climate effects. Just as cold temperatures can shorten the battery life, extremely hot temperatures can do the same.

Signs You Need a Replacement

Lastly, becoming aware of the telltale signs that your battery is near its end will help you avoid a breakdown. Here are some of the most common signs; if you are experiencing them in your vehicle, it might be time to stop in to your local Mavis Tires and Brakes for a test and replacement.

  • Your car is slow to start. When you crank the vehicle, and it's slow to turn fully on, that's your battery telling you it's operating on less than a full charge.

  • The electronic components are acting erratically.

  • Pay close attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. Some vehicles are equipped with warning lights or symbols that will tell you if the battery needs replacement.

  • It's also a good idea to check the battery about every six months or so. Look out for swelling or an odd rotten egg smell. This is a sign that something is wrong internally, and it should be changed.

When it's that time to replace your car battery, the folks at Mavis can help. Our expertise and efficient service can get you back on the road quickly.