Ensure Your Vehicle is Fit and Ready to Perform with New Tires

LC Image - Ensure your safety and performance with new tires

New tires are always a great investment, because they can have such a profound, positive impact on your driving experience. Getting new tires for a vehicle has a number of distinct benefits, including:

  • Increased gas mileage – New tires help you get better mileage, which helps defray the costs of purchasing the new tires in the first place.

  • Additional safety – Bald, worn, or deflated tires present real safety challenges. Having a new set of tires installed instantly improves the safety of the vehicle.

  • Improvement in traction – Being able to stop rapidly and without overshooting is a plus. Great traction makes handling your vehicle much better.

  • Improved driving experience – The improvements to traction and handling make your driving experience more enjoyable.

  • Better curb appeal – New tires look great and add to your vehicle’s aesthetic.

It's hard to argue with features like better handling, safer performance, and better gas mileage! Investing in new tires pays off rapidly with the kind of performance drivers want. With quick, reliable service at affordable prices,  the professionals at Mavis will have your vehicle back on the road.

Don’t Delay, Get New Tires Today

For the most part, getting new tires is a painless process. Once you've set up an appointment with your local Mavis, you can generally wait while the car is worked on. If you prefer, you can always leave the car at Mavis and pick it up later. Either way, we will replace your tires and provide service in a reasonable amount of time. 

Mavis Offers Fast and Reliable Tire Solutions

Since 1972, Mavis has specialized in tire repair and replacement. Our expertly trained technicians have years of experience ensuring your vehicle is fit and ready for the road. For the best tire deals around, visit your local Mavis. If you have questions about your tires or have other repair needs, your friendly technicians will inspect, diagnose, and make affordable recommendations.

Across the country, our service centers help customers get back on the road quickly. We offer a variety of services, from tire care and wheel alignment to tire replacement and brake repair.

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