Best Tire Brands for Your SUV

SUVs are known for their superior handling in adverse conditions, and having the right set of tires on your SUV can further improve traction. Many people choose to drive SUVs because they like the versatility the vehicles offer.

SUVs are more than adequate for everyday driving, but they can also be taken on rougher terrain, such as trails and two-tracks. We are going to take you through some of the attributes of major brands of tires which all can be found at Mavis Tires and Brakes at discounted prices. 

LC Image - Best Tire Brands for SUVs


Bridgestone has been making premium quality tires for more than 80 years, so it is no surprise that they are one of the best tire brands for your SUV. If you are planning to take your SUV off-roading, you may want to consider using Bridgestone tires.

They are known for their toughness, therefore making them less prone to punctures than some other tire brands. In addition, when it comes to replacement, the popularity of the brand will ensure your tires are always in stock.


When you think of Dunlop tires, motorsports and high-speed races may come to mind, but racing tires are not all they make. In fact, Dunlop is well-known for implementing off-road tread patterns on their SUV tires.

These tires are made for the trails, as they provide a firmer hold on loose terrain, such as sand and dirt. While the off-road style tread may not suit every vehicle type, they complement an SUV.


When it comes to tire innovation, Continental is among the leaders, and this includes their extensive line of SUV tires. Continental is continually introducing new tread features, designed for a superior grip and increased handling.

In addition to innovation, Continental is known for their recognition of the environment, and they take countless measures to ensure they produce minimal waste. Not only will Continental tires help your SUV conquer rough terrain, but they will also ensure the “terrain” is there for years to come.


The name of the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company has changed several times over the past century, but the tires have remained high in quality since its inception in 1914. The company has a motto in reference to their dedication that involves doing things the “Cooper way.” Additionally, Cooper SUV tires are known for their ruggedness and ability to withstand puncture.

General Tire

The General Tire Company has been in business for over 100 years. Over the span of a century, General Tire has seen its fair share of competitors come and go, and their ability to adapt has made them successful.

To accompany the increase in SUV demand, General Tire has developed some of the most trusted SUV tires on the market, including the Grabber AT2 line.


Goodyear is one of the most recognizable tire brands in the world, and they produce a wide array of tires, including those for SUVs. Goodyear has a tread pattern known as the Advantage Triple Tread, which allows for increased traction in rain, ice or snow, making these worth consideration for any SUV.

In addition, some tires utilize a layer of DuPont Kevlar for added toughness and reducing tread noise. Kevlar is noted for being the primary protection layer in bullet-proof vests, so there is no doubting its strength.


The Ironman name alone leaves little doubt as to the strength of their SUV tires. While Ironman tires may not be the household name, they are making their mark in the industry. They are becoming one of the go-to replacement tire brands, not only for SUVs, but for a variety of vehicle types, with the feature of ultra-durable sidewalls.


If you have ever been involved in the construction industry, you are aware that vehicles near the site must have durable tires. Yokohama is preferred by many in the trades industry as the tire brand with which to equip their work vehicles.

These tires are made using special technologies that allow them to better stand up to strain. Next time you are near a construction site, take a quick glance at the SUVs in the area, and chances are, you may see the Yokohama brand.

Tire Thoughts

Perhaps the greatest advantage here is having Mavis Tires and Brakes available to help make the right choice when purchasing tires for your SUV.

Remember, SUVs have the ability to adapt to nearly any situation, and with the wide selection of tires available at Mavis, any terrain can be conquered. Some of the best SUV tire brands have features like traction technologies and reinforced Kevlar walls, therefore it is important to choose a tire that will meet your needs. Tires made for off-roading may not provide the smoothest ride on the highway, so always consider tread patterns and consult with Mavis if you are unsure of which tire to purchase.