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10 Qualities of an Expert Auto Service Center

When it comes to auto service, the quality and experience of the staff can make a huge difference to your overall experience. Next time you need to take your car in to have it serviced, check if the shop has the qualities of an expert service center.

1. Multiple Locations

It takes a dedicated staff and superior customer service for a business to be successful. If a service center has multiple locations, it is a good indicator that their customers are satisfied with their work. In addition, finding an expert service center when you are away from home can be difficult, and if a service center has numerous locations, there is a better chance you will locate a name you trust.

2. Preferred by Insurance Companies

10 Qualities of an Expert Auto Service Center

It is in an insurance company's best interest to make sure that any repairs done on a vehicle are completed properly, especially when they are paying the bill. In fact, some insurance companies have lists of service centers they work with directly. When an auto shop is favored by an insurance carrier, this means they are continuously meeting expectations by providing quality work.

3. Towing

Vehicles do not pick the most opportune times to break down, and in many cases, you will need to have the vehicle towed to the repair shop. If the service center offers towing, you will be able to bypass a towing company, which could save you hundreds of dollars. Having the service center tow the vehicle could also help expedite repairs, making for easier communication.

4. Automotive Detailing

While a clean car is not going to make the engine run better, it does improve appearance, also offering a chance to have minor blemishes repaired. Taking your vehicle through the car wash does remove much of the dirt, but there are usually areas that are left unclean.

Having your car detailed will ensure both the exterior and interior look like they did when the car was still on the showroom floor. If you are bringing the car in for service, you might want to consider having it detailed, as well.

5. Certified Technicians

In the automotive world, there are certificates awarded when mechanics master certain skills. Perhaps the most popular certification is the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. To receive an ASE certification, one must pass rigorous testing in a vast array of automotive areas.

In addition, many of these certifications must be renewed every year or two. This helps to ensure that service technicians are up-to-date on the latest technologies.

6. Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

If it were not for customers, then businesses would fail, and auto service centers are no exception. There is no doubt that keeping customers satisfied is a priority for every repair shop, however, some companies go to greater lengths to ensure that expectations are met. Small differences, such as being greeted as you enter the service center, or having a mechanic take the time to answer any questions, can go a long way toward customer satisfaction.

7. Special Offers

Automotive repair shops often get a bad rap for charging high prices, but the fact is, car repairs are not cheap. These days, it is common for vehicles to cost upward of $50,000, so it is no surprise that repairs can be expensive.

One of the best ways to save money is to look for offers when considering service. Most expert auto service centers will have deals from time to time, which could save you a lot of money.

8. Loaner Vehicles

For many of us, having access to a vehicle is critical. One day without it could mean missing work, and therefore, earning less money.

It is for this reason that many auto repair centers offer loaner vehicles. Some service centers will give you a loaner vehicle “free of charge”, simply for having the work done there. Others may charge a small daily fee, but it is still well worth considering.

9. Warranties

A warranty brings with it a certain peace of mind in that knowing that if any repairs do fail, they will be attended to without costing any additional money, which can be a terrific motivator in choosing a repair shop. Before getting any work done, check to find out if there are any warranties available.

10. Same Day Repairs

A major concern when having vehicle repairs done is the length of time that the vehicle will be in the shop. While there are certain repairs that inevitably take days to complete, many repairs can be completed within hours. It is becoming more common for auto centers to offer same-day service.


Finding an expert auto service center will help ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If you are in doubt as to whether a repair shop should be considered, look for some of the indicators of expert level service, such as multiple locations, towing services and dedication to customers.

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